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Product Information

After years of dedicated research, we've pioneered innovative manufacturing techniques that harness the natural sweetness of various extracts. These include extracts from artichoke, liquorice root, coconut, and other carefully selected sources, all employed in crafting our chocolate.

Yes all our chocolate bars are gluten-free

Yes, each and every chocolateflavour(‘mylk’, coconut, salted caramel & hazelnut) we have created is vegan.

We have combined our proprietary coconut protein blend with a plant-based cream alternative crafted through precision fermentation of oats, hazelnuts, and other plant-based sources.Together, these ingredients create the delightful, creamy texture and mouthwatering taste we seek in our chocolate.

Through years of research, we have developed innovative manufacturing techniques through which we employ natural extracts to sweeten our chocolate. We use extracts from artichoke,liquoriceroot and coconut amongst other production methods to create that same sweet sensation you expect to find in a chocolate bar.

No, at this point in time we are manufactured in a facility that processes milk, tree nuts and peanuts.

Ordering & Shipping

Our four 30g chocolate bars are currently available through a selected number of retailers and online stores across Australia. We are excited to introduce our range to the Netherlands and Belgium by the end of 2023. At the same time, we are diligently working to have our online store operational for all three regions by December of this year.

Orders dispatched in Australia will take approximately 1 - 4 days to arrive depending on the shipping option you have chosen. Orders shipped to EU zone 1 countries will ship from The Netherlands. For orders within The Netherlands allow 1 - 3 working days, for outside The Netherlands 4 - 5 working days.

We currently ship in Australia and EU zone 1 which includes The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Denmark, France & Austria. The shipping rate will be the same for all these countries.

In order to rescue our chocolate from arriving all melted, we currently do not ship when temperatures exceed 25 degrees Celsius in the EU. For Australia we will use ice packs but please do make sure the chocolate is not left in direct sunlight. Of course, if your chocolate still arrived melted please get in touch and we’ll send you a new package!

Storage and Care

Our bars are best to be stored and enjoyed at an ambient temperature between 16 and 22 degrees Celsius. The bars will melt above 25 degrees and should not be stored in the fridge or be frozen!

From the moment our chocolate bars aremoulded, set and packaged, they will be delicious for approximately 18 months.

Sustainability and Ethics

Please read about Taking Care of our Planet here

Yes both our internal plastic wrapper and outer box of our 110 gram bar are recyclable. This is the same for our flow wrap of the30 gram bar.


If you are interested in selling our chocolate range, please contact us at


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